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1 Digital camera introduction

Digital camera (Digital Still Camera) also known as digital cameras, referred to as DSC. The digital camera is a new type of non film camera. Optical signals by a photoelectric converter receiving plate induction from the lens came, a photoelectric converter convert light signals into analog signals corresponding to one one, after A/D ADC (analog signals into digital signals to make), the cure in a digital camera program (compression algorithm) according to the specified file format, the image to binary digital form stored in the storage medium.

2 digital camera work steps

The working process of the system of digital camera by operating sequence can be divided into the main part of the following:

1 Preparation

Turn on the power switch camera, master control program chip began to check the various components of camera is in working state.

2 focus and photometry

Digital cameras generally have automatic focusing and metering function. When you are aligned with a body and press the shutter half, the camera began work, determine the speed and aperture focusing distance, the shutter size.

3 photos

Press the shutter, optical lens to shoot pictures of focusing the camera device (also the photoelectric converter) CCD or CMOS, the photoelectric converter to capture the scene light signal, and the red, green, blue three pixel storage

4 image processing

The pixel from the CCD by the serial manner to the buffer storage within the camera. Also this intermediate to pass digital camera many parts processing, such as A/D conversion, correction of white balance and color,  the discrete digital signal into a computer can recognize.

5 image synthesis

Bunches of light to reach the buffer storage zone, to form a complete digital image.

6 image compression

The procedure of image processing is not the end. When it left buffer image must be compressed, shooting mode according to the degree of compression of the selected before the shooting and. For the standard model, the general compression greatly, while for high quality mode, compression and smaller amplitude.

7 save image

The main control program chip (MCPU) to send a message, the compressed image is then transferred to a storage card, long-term preservation.

The 8 picture editing and output

The image stored in the digital camera or digital image stored on the card, can be output to the computer by the image processing software for conventional adjustment and special effect processing, and then through the output interface to output to the printer to print out, or connected to the television direct viewing photos, also can be output to the video recorder will photo shoot to videotape transcription of course, but also through the computer, the Internet transmission of digital photos.

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