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The difference between 1 digital camera and traditional camera

The difference between digital camera and traditional film camera is reflected in many aspects, from the internal structure, the two will be different. Such as image sensors in a digital camera (CCD or CMOS), analog / digital converter (ADC), digital signal processor (DSP) and output interface, is not traditional camera. In addition, the digital camera using the LCD LCD viewfinder and electronic memory (card), is also a traditional camera are not available. Of course, it can't give many different. The essential difference between the two differ in thousands of ways in where?  is mainly treated by different signal two. Traditional camera processing is the optical analog signal, and the digital camera is the electronic digital signal processing. Two in the capture, storage, processing and output signal are fundamentally different. Therefore, causing all sorts of differences in structure, system working principle of the image. Sometimes just from the appearance can also see digital camera features.

The digital camera is different from the traditional camera, it is the image information stored in digital form on disk or memory card, which can be directly sends the data to a computer, and by means of computer processing means, the imagination and creativity of their own free play. Due to the digital camera can transfer the data to the computer, so the storage capacity can be to the infinitely great, and the cost is almost zero.

The biggest advantage of digital camera is digital information. Digital information can be transmitted in real time throughout the world by means of real-time transmission of Internet, the digital camera image. Another advantage of digital information for tractability. Digital camera image can be arbitrary in computer processing, image processing software of microprocessor and high performance super makes the huge amount of data and high quality image processing more convenient, can full reflects the author's creativity, and can save a lot of late stage investment and maintenance costs, such as the traditional camera buy film and film. The late stage investment etc..

In addition, the digital camera is also equipped with color LCD, may at any time to delete photos and remake, memory card with free  conventional camera frequently change volume; digital camera by sensitivity for luminance compensation or adjust the CCD to adapt to different light intensity occasions; no scanner, using a PC card can be inserted directly into the use of PC card reader in the TV output function; some digital cameras, can be on the screen of the television to watch the filming effect; digital camera photos available printer output most dedicated; and some digital cameras can directly produce black and white photos, if coupled with the PCMCIA-MODEM card mobile phone, can be quickly transmitted photos.

To make a long story short, simple image digitization, the digital camera has many advantages of the camera are not. Digital camera to replace the traditional camera and not sooner or later

The 2 key indicators of household digital camera

1 categories of image sensor

2 sensor resolution

3.LCD size and the number of pixels

The 4 Lens index

5 types of memory card

6 types of battery

Other factors were important indicators need to refer to the camera when the choose and buy.

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