Get along well with digital diary about 24 strokes of the digital diary

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One, what is the video diary?

Introduction 1, video diary

Video diary is a fresh diary genre. When the network, digital and other words become elements of life, people's way of life by the new technology and constantly changes, changes in the diary style, we can feel the breath of life science and technology.

Because of the popularity of digital cameras, 2003 was described as a video diary years, people try to keep the camera captured image to add some words to form a record, the record we named -- "video diary". Video diary "pictures, words," two forms complement each other, can better record slice of life and spiritual inspiration.

2, video diary function

Video diary beyond the traditional writing diary to record the range, it is more fair, more like a film, you can stand on the third point, the events were recorded; more can be used after the word to record their mood. Event there, it is true, everyone can add their own feelings in the above.

Different from the traditional picture of diary or culture, video diary of the two organic combination, it is the picture on the impact visual effect, and text on the mind change process records, therefore extremely valuable.

Two, video diary production skills

1, how to choose the diary theme

Video diary is good, there must be a good theme. For example, you spent big price to see Jay Chou concert, I took some photos, these photos in the photo you may have with Jay Chou, perhaps Jay Chou Fans excitedly coma scenes you have been filmed, and then you were writing comments on these pictures, and give it a chapter of your diary a cool name, in this way, a very memorable worth video diary you publicly bragging is complete. Whether you can later in life often recall youth surging feelings completely depends on whether you choose to be in a good journal theme.

2, text description skills

A good theme, also have a good picture, then the text record what to write something?

The picture to master some skills, need to describe the text first, you write the diary, a diary can be essay, can also is essays, more can be prose, therefore, you can write to describe you, but don't forget to connect with.

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