Digital camera repair data of common problems

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Digital camera firmware upgrade

We need to upgrade the computer motherboard BIOS to obtain more stable performance, the digital camera is the same, the firmware upgrade (Firmware), can improve the performance of the system and improve its function. Firmware (Firmware) curing various camera in digital camera control software. The digital camera is according to the firmware (Firmware) to complete the image capture and processing.

In the actual repair, many customers due to misoperation, changed the original digital camera parameter settings, or because the digital camera camera photo effect, caused some functional failure can be solved by upgrading the firmware sudden blackout. Digital camera firmware and the computer motherboard BIOS, is burning on the chip. At present, most digital camera firmware using erasable chips, we only need to use a simple tool software and the corresponding data, can the digital camera firmware upgrade.

To Canon PowerShot G2 for example, you can start from the Canon Co's website to view and download the firmware upgrade package. After decompression. You will get a ".Fir" file, this file is the latest G2 firmware. Then copy it to your G2 camera's memory card. You can go through a card reader to copy files to a storage card, then the card is inserted into the camera. You can also use the USB data cable to connect the computer and camera, the mode dial camera selection to play the file, and then run the firmware upgrade software package UPLOADFIRMWARE.EXE can transfer the files to the memory card.

Copy a file, does not need to be connected to a computer, the camera mode dial keep playing file, while ensuring that the digital camera has sufficient power to support, can be connected to an external power supply to ensure enough electric energy. Open the can play files out in the camera menu, select the menu more out of the "Firm Updated" option, press enter, the firmware upgrade starts execution. About several tens of seconds, the camera upgrade is complete, then will be accompanied by a clear and crisp startup sound, the emergence of a successful upgrade prompted "Updated already" LCD screen, restart the camera, the firmware upgrade is complete.

Digital camera firmware (Firmware) Upgrade: (to Canon camera as an example, different vendors to upgrade in much the same way)

1 upgrade equipment used:

(1) computer (must use the USB interface)

(2) the camera (need firmware upgrade)

(3) a fully charged battery

(4) the USB connection

(5) the memory card (CF card or SD card)

(6) digital camera application software

(7) the firmware update (Firmware)

(8) the firmware update (Firmware)

2 upgrade steps:

(1) to manufacturers download site.

(2) read the software license agreement, the firmware (Firmware) enter the serial number of your camera download page at the bottom of the Serial Number box. If your camera can update the firmware (Firmware), download the firmware update (Firmware) (PDF format) and a new version of firmware (Firmware) data.

(3) the firmware (Firmware) data is extracted to generate a new firmware (Firmware) folder. Firmware update (Firmware) for generating a CF/ SD card.

(4) if you have a CF/ SD card reader, please first card in the computer, and then, the firmware (Firmware) directly copied to the root directory of the CF/ SD card, a firmware upgrade card (Firmware).

(5) if there is no card reader, you can use the following method. CF/ SD card inserted in the camera, camera format, and then connect the camera to your computer with a USB cable. Double click the firmware (Firmware) in the folder "UploadFirmware" icon, when the program is complete, the firmware (Firmware) have been copied to the cameras in the CF/ SD card.

(6) turn off the camera, connect the USB cable with the camera off. The camera firmware (Firmware) update operation on firmware (Firmware) [rewriting].

(7) open the camera to playback mode.

(8) press the menu button, select the update (Firm), and press the set button.

(9) when the screen display confirmation firmware (Firmware) version of the update, select [OK] and press the set button, to start the camera firmware (Firmware) rewriting. Different types of camera upgrades the time required is not the same, usually in the tens of seconds to a few minutes, the camera will be updated for the new firmware version (Firmware). Don't pay attention to in the process of upgrading the power, otherwise the camera will not boot. So be sure to use the camera's AC power adapter or battery power supply enough power for the camera.

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