CCTV camera shooting skills

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1 the use of scene mode

For the convenience of users, the digital camera will be built in some scenarios to help users take. When a user invokes the corresponding scene mode, the camera will automatically metering mode, focus mode, the shutter speed settings, help to improve the success rate of shooting.

There is night, violet UnisDC T8 camera movement, portrait, landscape scene mode

2 white balance setting

White balance control is through the adjustment, to take in all light conditions the photo color and the human eye can see scenery color exactly the same.

Simply white balance is no matter how light, is still the "white" is defined as "white" a function. Color is the essence of light explains, in normal light looks white thing in the dark light may seem is not white, and the fluorescent lamp under the "white" and "non white". For all this if you can adjust the white balance, it can in the resulting picture correctly according to the "white" as the base to restore the other colors. Most commercial digital cameras offer white balance adjustment function. As mentioned earlier the white balance and the ambient light is closely related, therefore, start the white balance function flash use is restricted, the white balance or variation of ambient light will make the white balance failure or interfere with the normal.

For digital cameras, although the white balance can be adjusted in the image processing software, but if your image software is not very familiar with, or not too much trouble, you'd better choose a white balance function better digital camera.

The manufacturers of digital cameras have automatic white balance, also has carried out manually. Even if is automatic, the correction ability also each are not identical. Of course you choose the best digital cameras have both manual and automatic two ways, various models of white balance control.

White balance UnisDC T8 purple provided with automatic / sunny / cloudy / incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp five white balance setting.

3 shooting and shooting

Use a digital camera to shoot photos do not need to buy the film, does not need to spend money printing. The user can freely to shoot, but users will find from the press camera shutter camera shooting to actual middle there will be some delay, is likely to miss some wonderful moments. If the user to use a digital camera shooting mode, a multiple shots, continuous capture object can effectively avoid this problem.

The use of burst mode photograph children rich, changing the expression and action is the most appropriate.

Violet digital camera UnisDC T8 burst mode can be continuously four shots each.

4.ISO sensitivity settings

ISO is the film speed and sensitivity to light standard. The digital camera is also available as a ISO parameter to imitate the film. Photo shooting moving objects in low light situations, IS0 may be sensitive to the highest point, the sensitivity that CCD will increase, the shutter speed will increase. Conversely, you can also use a low ISO value, thus the shutter speed slows down, increasing the moving object in dynamic effect. Need to be reminded that: camera sensitivity, or ISO the higher figure, picture appeared in the "noise" of the more likely it is to.

5 if the digital output, how to control the image size and proportion

Image Digital Printing better device can show about 300dpi resolution. If we want to print the violet digital camera UnisDC T8 photograph of 2720*2040, then we can get the (2720/300) * (2040/300) =9*6.8 inch photos.

To flush the 4*6 inch photos, only need to (4*300) * (6*300) =1200*1800 images can be. If you want to use T8 photographs must first adjust the display rate of 2:3, and then adjust the image size to 1200*1800, so your image can complete out of a photo.

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