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Panorama high definition digital safe campus wisdom solution

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In the already very close the integration of campus and society, many practical conditions in daily safety and disposal of prevention of university faces, such as personnel liquidity, safety management and inspection personnel less weak stability, large range, multi campus setting, leading to the traditional human and material of prevention and protection measures are not sufficient to to meet the new development needs of college security work. In recent years, theft, looting, cheating and campus violence occurred in Colleges and universities throughout the country, individual events and even aroused widespread concern of the whole society. How to strengthen the system construction, campus security management to enhance the teaching staff and students' safety awareness and use of appropriate equipment and effective system to enhance the ability of safety management and services in Colleges and universities, education departments and universities become the safety work of front-line departments concern, and also to provide a variety of security technology scheme in Colleges and universities foothold.

requirement analysis

According to the security of the campus, the major colleges and universities are basically to implement the appropriate protection, prevention and protection measures. Like many industry applications, video monitoring system also plays a "nuclear" role of university security technology prevention system. At the same time, the University video surveillance needs there is a feature - its use can also be subdivided into three categories, namely: conventional security monitoring needs, Key Laboratory dangerous goods monitoring needs and test room monitoring needs.

The campus perimeter, campus road, campus entrance monitoring belonging to the monitoring needs of the conventional security category, has the characteristics of a wide, usually is an important part of "safe campus" construction. With the development of technology, such monitoring systems and related information can also interact with other campus management and service information systems to form a "smart campus" application.

The Key Laboratory of colleges and universities have confidential information or dangerous goods, usually installed anti-theft can achieve high level prevention alarm, access control equipment and systems, and form a set of strict and independent security management mechanism. In such occasions, video surveillance applications are mostly as a supplementary preventive measures, but with the emergence of intelligent analysis of monitoring equipment, its role will be greatly improved.

Electronic invigilating system has become the education administrative departments and schools recognized examination site management means, and formed a set of mature technical specification and application specification. The idea is to strengthen the management of examination room order through the installation of the camera system in the examination room, to curb the occurrence of dishonest behavior such as plagiarism and cheating.

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