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China wants to control solar energy industry

[ Source ]:InterNet      [ Date ]:7/11/2016      [ Views ]:1140

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting to focus on a further surprised the markets. According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the Chinese government believes that the current not only the iron and steel, cement and other traditional industries with excess capacity is still blind expansion of wind power, polysilicon and other new industries have emerged to repeat the goal, the Chinese Government to strengthen these sectors "guidance."

Moreover, according to China news agency reported that China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, spokesman Zhu Hong Ren also stressed that these new industries, if the continued lack of orderly development, which may give rise to new a problem of excess production capacity.

China's State Council meeting that in order to cope with the international financial crisis, the Chinese government formulated a focus on industrial restructuring and revitalization of the planning, response measures, and its policy effects have also been initially appear, but some progress in industrial restructuring, unpleasant, a number of industry overcapacity, redundant construction the problem remains severe.

In the future, it requires the integrated use of administrative means to coordinate industry, environmental protection, land and financial policies, resulting in help guide the healthy development of industry. The Chinese Government must focus on strengthening the steel, cement, plate glass, coal chemical industry, wind power equipment, development of the industry. To deepen the reform, the system solve the overcapacity of the deep-rooted problems.

The Public Ministry spokesman Zhu Hongren letter that China is out of the financial crisis in the process of everywhere, through industrial restructuring, to find new development opportunities, new industries have widespread attention and attention, particularly in the field of new energy sources of wind power and solar energy industry, in some places these two sectors as the next round of economic growth in important industry.

ZHU Ren pointed out that the solar cell industry, the problems the one hand, many parts of the processing and manufacturing projects have failed to grasp key technologies, but the key technology is the solar cell industry, yet the core of the other hand, solar cell industry could also lead to serious pollution.

Traditional industry overcapacity, said Zhu Hong Ren, iron and steel, nonferrous metals in the electrolytic aluminum and alumina, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction materials industry areas such as cement and plate glass, there is a serious overcapacity, new industries should be avoided elements of traditional industry has problems.

Zhu Hong Ren cited China's industrial economic operation in summer report said the impact of the international financial crisis, under the influence of a serious surplus of production capacity is far more prominent. Meanwhile, the situation is still optimistic about industrial efficiency, full-year profit is very difficult to achieve positive growth.

The report concluded that taking into account the last half of industrial growth was the monthly falling trend, and other factors, is expected in the third quarter of above-scale industrial added value increased by 11.5% while the annual growth rate at 11% -12%.

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