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WIPR08RE-WIFI 高清720P 工程級別 戶外防水 無線/有線兩用 可MicroSD錄影方式 金屬外穀

[ Source ]:Willki Co.      [ Date ]:7/11/2016      [ Views ]:1844

Lehman photoelectric announced a few days ago, with the world's smallest outdoor full color chip SMD device -- a black diamond 2623, our company has developed P3.9 (3.9mm) outdoor high-definition LED display, to become the world's most dot pitch, the highest resolution outdoor waterproof SMD LED display manufacturers.

Outdoor SMD chip LED display belongs to the new LED display, with its large angle, high contrast, high definition, perfect light distribution effect is large size display field favored. In recent years, indoor SMD HD display has been large-scale use, minimum distance to reach 1.5mm, but the waterproof performance of SMD devices based on SMD display, outdoor patch development was relatively slow. The two waterproof outdoor SMD device gradually mature, beginning with the batch application. While the outdoor high-definition LED display is restricted to the SMD device control, the minimum interval can only achieve P6 (6mm), each square pixel has only 27777 points, can not meet the application requirements of high resolution outdoor display.

Lehman photoelectric LED display division after six months of painstaking research and development, process and technology to solve a series of problems, the Lehman photoelectric independent patent core device -- a black diamond 2623, officially launched the suitable for outdoor high-definition full-color LED display close watch, the spacing is P3.9 (3.9mm), each square pixel points up to 65746 points has the characteristics of high brightness, outdoor, high protection level, large angle, high contrast ratio, to fill the gaps in the near distance outdoor LED high-definition screen, which can be widely used in indoor and outdoor lease display market and outdoor close HD display market.

Lehman photoelectric as outdoor LED display brand exporters, products are exported to North America and Europe, and a 2013 North American LED outdoor display screen export champion. Lehman photoelectric technology, master the core outdoor SMD device core intelligent control technology, the core structure design process based on LED HD display, will lead the trend of outdoor.

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