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Polysilicon is not a substantial benefit from the leading

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August 27, held a State Council executive meeting to study the deployment of curb overcapacity in some industries and redundant construction, which focuses on regulation of one of the industries is to wind power, solar energy, represented by the new energy industry, but also specifically made for polysilicon and other emerging industries " To establish and improve access to the standard measures. "

"This regulation is also very difficult to substantial reductions in polysilicon production." A multi-year polysilicon in polysilicon industry, company CEOs told our reporter. Broker researchers also said it seems to be a look to leading the company's positive, but its impact will not be substantial.

"Impossible government stop"

Last year, around August, with Spain's solar subsidy measures "expired", this part of the occupied half of the polysilicon in the peak demand, when the "evaporation" has resulted in continued demand for crisis, coupled with the financial crisis, polysilicon prices all the way mad down. Polysilicon is currently only 50 U.S. dollars per kilogram from top to bottom.

The veterans of anonymity, said "the current market price of polysilicon hit a small plant in the basic cost, maker also retain a profit."

From the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division of the number of raw material industries, the country plans to invest in the construction or total capacity of polysilicon projects amounted to 17.7 million tons, the equivalent of global production in 2007 China's output of three times and 150 times, far beyond the is required.

This time-control capacity will have much impact in this industry? The CEOs do not think there are obvious results. "At present, the project has been put into operation about 20, about 20 projects under construction, it is impossible government stop. Polysilicon project investment is to take 10 units of millions of dollars, once the lockout means that lose all their initial investment."

"Moreover, the requirements of high purity polysilicon for once it will stop production if production facilities produce a certain impurities, to resume production, if just to clean these impurities will take a very long time and very high cost." The CEOs said that the For the polysilicon production capacity to control in fact is not very effective approach.

In addition, policy control for polysilicon production capacity more or start from the new capacity. CITIC Securities (600030) Power Equipment researcher Liu Lei, bluntly said: "Now the industry is having difficulties, there is no restriction, no one would invest in polysilicon."

The concept of embarrassment polysilicon

"In fact, long overdue regulation, and some time ago polysilicon industry, blind investment is very clear that a lot of investment has come beyond recovery." The CEOs said. "Those who in 2007, sells its products in the company has been good for some, but the second half of last year after the company put into operation very uncomfortable."

Domestic listed companies involved in production of polysilicon are CSG, Tianwei change security (600.55 thousand), Chuantou energy (600,674), Leshan Electric Power (600,644), Minjiangshuidian (600,131), Tung Wai shares (600,438), Dongfang Electric (600,875) , TBEA (600,089), Jiangsu Sunshine (600.22 thousand), etc.. According to the CEOs revealed that the investment has been announced publicly listed companies, the amount of nearly 60 million yuan and total investment amounting to more than 300 billion yuan. Some of the performance of the company's main business is very general, equivalent to the next re-injection in the polysilicon project. Many stocks were trading at 30 times, some as high as fifty or sixty times.

"At present, polysilicon really bring substantial benefits for listed companies only Chuantou Energy and Tianwei change security and so on." Said Liu Lei, now more and more A-share companies is still a concept, is unclear.

"Polysilicon industry bottomed out this year, but next year's recovery is not strong." Says Liu Lei. The experts also said that the above-mentioned silicon, the industry profits to return to the previous state is basically impossible. "Quotes from the previous supply gap, but this will not happen again."

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