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Public letter issued series of policies intended to support the Department of Electronic Information

[ Source ]:InterNet      [ Date ]:7/11/2016      [ Views ]:1124

The annual China Electronics Fair will be held in Chengdu has closed tens of thousands of IT professionals in three days to communicate with more than 400 exhibitors were exchanged. Public letter to the Department of Monitoring the Director of the Coordinating Bureau of Ho Hai speech revealed by the financial crisis, China's electronic information products export of negative growth this year, the Ministry of Public letter to be issued series of policies to support industrial development.

Hailin He said that at present domestic market is gradually warmed up again, but the long-term sustained growth of the market mechanisms are not yet formed the basis for recovery in industry is still firmly stabilized. Full-year revenue growth in the domestic manufacturing sector is expected from the beginning of the scheduled 10% reduced to about 5%, the overall export of electronic information products will remain negative growth.

He Hailin believe that the future need to implement the electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization of the planning, early introduction of implementation details. Continue to promote the nuclear high technology base and other major special and technical renovation of enterprises, increase software, integrated circuits and flat panel display and other core areas of R & D and industrialization of capital investment. To promote digital TV, wireless city, next-generation Internet, semiconductor lighting and solar cells and other major projects and industrial projects, the implementation of home appliances to the countryside, TM, TD specific, energy-saving policies to subsidize and supervise the implementation of 3G operators, construction planning.

He said the letter the Department will work actively with the Ministry of Finance in order to reach to retain IC value-added tax rebate policy on imports, reducing backlight board, circuit board materials such as liquid display module import tariffs on key materials. Public letter to the Ministry will also actively

Promotion of information equipment, home appliances and other advantages of products in emerging countries exports.

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